My blog is getting a new home!

Hello Friends and Followers!  It is my pleasure to announce my new blog: !

I will not be posting any new content to LorettaMay Design blog, but all the content from this blog has already been moved over to the new one. I hope you continue to follow me at Creatively Driven. You will not be notified when I post at this new blog, but I’ve made subscribing SUPER easy.


Step One:  Go to

Step Two: Locate the “subscribe” section on the right column. (On mobile phones, it’s farther down toward the bottom under “elsewhere”.)

Step Three: Enter your email address

Step Four: Hit Subscribe

You’ll get a confirmation email and you will be notified whenever I make a post! It’s that easy.


I’ve re-organized my categories to three overlying ideas:

Design: All my series on design practices, client stories, and how to’s will be housed here.

Refresh: All my photography posts and adventures away from the computer will live here.

Inspire: A new section, devoted to inspiring artists, books, and anything else creative.

My goal is to be both a practical resource for creatives who are just starting out, as well as provide inspiring posts, incorporating my own photography and illustration.


Art of Price sheets (great for freelance designers and photographers)

Freelance Trial and Error: Battling Fort Knox (the client that wouldn’t let me use my work in my portfolio)

Adventure: Fort Sheridan (Photography post about going to Fort Sheridan, Illinois for the weekend)

Stay tuned!

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